About Us

The Home Finder Network is designed to help Realtors with enhanced emotional base marketing. We have built our business model on the concept of helping our clients with expert marketing and consulting. Our clients come first.  We have built an endless resource guide to maximize our approach at building a repeat and referral business for our clients.

What is the Home Finder Network?

We consider ourselves an elite group of expert professional Real Estate Marketing Consultants.  What makes us elite is our unique and dynamic approach to helping those that need to maximize their real estate, either the individual residential owners or buyers and the investment group portfolio clients. Our team approach creates an extremely positive atmosphere to work in, we maximize our internet presence to build a repeat and referral business through every effective facet of real estate marketing.

What makes HFN so dynamic?

We specialize in three critical focal points within our group. The First is you—we work together knowing “that no wealth or position can long endure, unless built upon truth and justice, therefore, I will engage in no transaction which does not benefit all whom it affects.”   We have designed a success training program that is exclusive to your business. The Second is knowledge.  Expert knowledge in our industry is critical. Expert knowledge as it pertains to house values, market data and analysis.  We provide you and your clients detailed information on the ever changing local and regi
onal market places with routine. We supply weekly and monthly briefings with exact details on specific guidelines that could change real estate, local government, financing, appraising, marketing, commercial and residential development that could affect your clients neighborhoods.  The Third is emotional real estate marketing.  Emotional marketing is technique that HFN has developed and perfected.  Emotional marketing builds the ultimate result for our clients.  This resource is exclusive to you and your listing presentations.  It includes a total and complete internet exposure list, which not only results in high traffic counts inside your listings but a high traffic count of leads attracted to you.  We will help you master all avenues of real estate marketing, direct marketing, social and internet media and image marketing. When you combine a focused, successful real estate professional armed with expert knowledge and the most dynamic and effective marketing, no one can help people like you can!


What Tools and resources can I expect from HFN?

The Home Finder Network has perfected innovative tools that will show you how to create, establish and finalize leads into your database.  We will help inspire you how to grow those leads into a long lasting referral and repeat business.  All the past, present and future facets of real estate marketing are enhanced into a lead generating avenue that will have clients calling you.  You will never be alone; we work together as a tight group of expert professionals, feeding from each other’s success.  You will always be surrounded by positive thoughts, feelings, actions and results.   The best example:  “When you start to change the way you see things, the things you see start to change.”   HFN  offers the best in extensive hands on training and information, including CE classes in the fields of core law and ethics without charge, two sectors that are required by each practicing agent in Ohio.  HFN employs a personal administrative assistant who works exclusively for you and your clients, relieving you of ongoing marketing requirements, putting precious time back into your life.  Our administrative assistant will update and create marketing pieces and maintain your lead generation database.  Our dynamic marketing approach will give you tools such as professional photography as well as the most comprehensive and effective virtual tour marketing.  Our affiliation with KB Photography and Eproperties maximize the very core of emotional marketing and these tools and techniques are exclusive to you and our clients.

 How can I schedule a marketing campaign?

            Contact us today, and we can provide you with a marketing plan for your listing inventory, design the branding campaigns and provide you with an in-depth analysis on  how we can help you and your clients create a new level.


Email: HomeFinderNetwork@gmail.com



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