3 Feet from Gold


        My inspiration to become a real estate developer started while constructing a research project in college. The project was designed to build a company with nothing. During months of prep, I came across an article online about a local developer that went from nothing to top of the food chain. His name is David Imboden, DCI properties and the developer of several upscale condos and townhouses in the East End of Cincinnati.

His story was fascinating to read and awe-inspiring to understand drive, vision, and persistance. I have since created a vision of my own built with the same drive, passion, and persistance that Mr. Imboden used to create his success. During the research project I  continued to uncover his story, how he acquired the property, a day by day log of his progress , an understanding for his critics and sympathizers of how he was removing history to create the future. House by house, option by option, Mr. Imboden cut, tore, dug, poured, hammered, and marketed his way to create Riverside Drive as we see it now in 2010.

His story didn’t stop on the Ohio side, he gathered options on river front property on the Kentucky side as well, developing what we know today as Manhattan Harbor in Dayton, Kentucky. He then continued gathering options on the old Highlands School building and 9 additional acres on Riverside Dr, both of which had future development plans. Over the course of 10-12 years the East End along with parts of the Kentucky riverfront altered from vacant rundown structures, tall weeds and garbage sprawled along the banks, to plush beautiful waterfront condos, townhouses and landscapes. Many of the passersby of the area today take sweet eye candy notes to the alterations of what was the small communities of Fulton and Pendleton; both were big thriving communities located exactly where DCI has developed. During the early to mid 1800’s these riverfront towns were the backbone to constructing fleets of riverboats, steamships, paddle boats and all other water going vessels of the era. DCI’s master plan was taking full effect, molding our riverfront, shaping our views and creating a pleasure piece for the areas residents.

However, today has created perhaps more of burden to some, then for the actual people who financially support its creation. In the reading of “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, he speaks of story about a gold digger from the 1800’s who stopped digging in a mine near the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He stopped digging after years and years of back-breaking work with only small portions of gold and abandoned the mine. The mine was then re dug by another many years later, who after only 3 feet further struck it rich! The story as true as it is, left me with thoughts of never stopping in my continued drive to become an inspiring real estate developer. Especially today, after discovering that DCI has put up for sale 9 acres of riverfront property and a several thousand square ft school along Riverside Dr in the East End both of which still honor the signs that read “DCI Properties Future Development”.

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