Market Update-Greater Cincinnati MLS

New Listings 131  
Back on Market 52  
Price Increases 20  
Price Reductions 150  
Pendings 70  
Solds 142  
Expireds 395  
Inactives 50  

First the stats

131 New Listings:

Avg LP: $172,200

70 Pendings:

Avg LP: $142,912

And because was had a HIGH WATER mark on expireds today, 395, lets examine the numbers there.

Avg LP: $248,882- DOM 179

Thats a much higher LP number for expired then I expected however it does explain why they expired. Those are 6 month listings contracts for the 248k home and they could not be moved. Six months ago, June, we had a spike in listing activity with sellers hoping for a ripple effect from the 1st time home buyer summer traffic. Summer traffic can be slower than most sellers expect. Fall months 09 showed a steady climb from last years sales volume during the same timetable. However today 395 homes had listing contracts expire.

Those clients need our help at HFN. The next 60 days are critical for our Real Estate business. We have been tuning up our LGA’s this week and continuing that focus from now until summer ’10.


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