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Financial Market Update

Breaking News! The Treasury Department just announced they will begin selling some of their massive holdings of Mortgage Backed Securities to the tune of $10 Billion per month depending on market conditions. They say this is due to the stabilizing economy and market conditions that are ripe for selling. The Treasury acquired $142 Billion in debt during the financial crisis. News of this unloading process has immediately pushed Bond prices significantly lower as Traders try to get their own positions sold. It’s like musical chairs…no one wants to be the last one standing with a mitt full of Mortgage Backed Securities.


FHA increasing UPMI


If you have buyers looking purchase a home soon, or anyone on the fence
about buying sooner than later, let them know that the UPFRONT MORTGAGE
INSURANCE PREMIUM (UMIP) on FHA loans is increasing as of April 5th!
Currently, there is a 1.75% premium added to the base loan amount … As of
April 5th, that will increase to 2.25% on all loans registered beginning
April 5th. 

What does this mean for your buyer?  On a $150,000 base loan amount, the
increase equates to an additional $750 (from $2250 to $3375) financed into
the total loan amount!!

In order for FHA loans to be registered with an FHA case number, they need a
fully executed contract and full loan application.  It can close after that
date, but HAS to be registered by April 4th!!   

And, don’t forget, we have WELCOME HOME FUNDS available for first time home

Courtesy of Kathy Lamb-Union Savings Bank

Market Update- Interest Rates

Uncertainty is never a good thing for the financial markets… –  Government wanting to tax and limit the size and investment activities of big banks-  Representatives wanting to end FNMA and Freddie Mac-  Chairman of the Federal Reserve still not confirmed On a typical day the mortgage market would have rallied with such a big stock market sell off,  however the 10 year note was unchanged for the day! 30 year fixed rates continue to stay right at or below 5.0% Mortgage market has stayed relatively steady even though stock market has had a rocky beginning to the new year. No matter how you look at the stock market or listen to the negative comments in the news…there has never been a better time to purchase Real Estate! Have a great weekend.

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